Swedish Massage 60 mins


Option A: Back, Neck, Shoulders, Face and Scalp
Option B: Back and Legs

Swedish Massage 90 mins


Full Body: Back, Legs, Shoulders, Neck, Face and Scalp

Hot Stones Massage 90 mins


The ultimate relaxing full body hot stones massage. 

MLD taster session 30 mins


Taster session for those who have never had Lymphatic Drainage before or have cardiac or renal conditions.

MLD maintenance session


For those who have had Lymphatic Drainage before and/or are generally fit and well.

MLD starter package


A starter package that gradually increases the amount of Lymphatic Drainage over the course of 3 sessions. First session maximum of 30 mins drainage, second session 30-45 minutes drainage (depending on reaction from first session), third session up to 55 mins drainage.
Appointments are up to 1 hour long and include time for discussion and health questionnaire.

MLD maintenance package


For clients booking and paying for 4 maintenance sessions in advance.